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The Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab) brings together thought leaders and decision makers from across the U.S. electricity sector to address critical institutional, regulatory, business, economic, and technical barriers to the economic deployment of distributed resources. In particular, eLab works to answer three key questions:

How can we understand and effectively communicate the costs and benefits of distributed resources as part of the electricity system and create greater grid flexibility? How can we harmonize regulatory frameworks, pricing structures, and business models of utilities and distributed resource developers for greatest benefit to customers and society as a whole? How can we accelerate the pace of economic distributed resource adoption?

A multi-year “change lab”, eLab regularly convenes its members to identify, test, and spread practical solutions to the challenges inherent in these questions. eLab has three annual meetings, coupled with ongoing project work, facilitated and supported by Rocky Mountain Institute.

eLab meetings allow members to share learnings, best practices, and analysis results; collaborate around key issues or needs; and conduct deep-dives into research and analysis findings. For more information about eLab, please go to: www.rmi.org/eLab.
Question 1 Assessing costs & values
Question 2 Harmonizing regulation
& business models
Question 3 Accelerating distributed
resource adoption
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